Katarina Kapiainen

Do you need help with your company´s admin tasks?

Do you wish to have co-representative of your company in business fairs and exhibitions? Or maybe you need a long-term assistant support in specific project?

I offer vast variety of Assistant services: Admin, HR, PR/Marketing and Finance with strong and broad professionalism for companies and private persons, as an Assignment in Finland.

This is an Assignmentnot an Employment relationship. As a contractor, I'm independently responsible for all statutory, mandatory taxes, VAT taxes and pension contribution.

Counter to each assignment, there is signed an assignment contract including content of the assignment, confidentiality- and privacy practices, intellectual property rights and GDPR.

Each assignment invoice includes specified work-hour report.

    As a Client:

  • You are saved from hiring an employee; this is an Assignment, not an employment relationship.
  • As you are saved from a) hiring a permanent employee, therefore you are also saved from paying out employer obligations,-insurances, office space, work tools etc. and  b) you pay out only for actualized work-hours.
  • You hire me e.g. to handle and manage detailed tasks that require expertise, for regular long-term project or for occasional work.
  • You have a familiar, reliable Assistant in use, when needed. Outsourcing back-office functions, you are able to concentrate in your core competence and consequently improve your company’s productivity and profit.

Admin / Assistant work

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PR / Marketing

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