Katarina Kapiainen

Do you need help with your company´s daily back-office, HR & office management functions?

Or maybe you need support in a specific HR project or long-term support in financial admin tasks?

Since January 2019 I´ve been offering vast variety of back-office services: admin, office management, HR and finance with strong and broad professionalism for companies, as an assignment in Finland, either online or at client´s business office, depending on client´s demand and nature of tasks.

My niches are HR & Office Management and I am specialized in Data Privacy and handling confidentialsensitive material; this signifies confidential working attitude and methods, GDPR compliance, secured encrypted emails, hosting service provider is Finnish and their servers are located in Finland.

This is an assignmentnot an employment relationship. As a contractor, I'm independently responsible for all statutory, mandatory taxes,
VAT taxes and pension contribution.

Counter to each assignment, there is signed an assignment contract including content of the assignment, confidentiality- and privacy practices, intellectual property rights and GDPR.

There are basic hourly rate for hourly work and a set of deliverables called packages, which are formed from my service variety.

Packages will be customized based on client´s demand and at each case, package have detailed task list, specific deadline and fixed price.

As a Client:

  • You are saved from hiring an employee; this is an assignment, not an employment relationship.
  • As being so, you are also saved from paying out employer obligations,insurances, office space, work tools and paid invoice is tax – deductible.
  • You assign me e.g. to handle and manage detailed tasks that require expertise, for regular permanent work, long-term project.
  • You get added value of my vast professional know-how- and service variety, unique service attitude + I am human capital, not an expense, as I ease your every day operational routine and I help your company to make profit.
  • My principle is to take each and every client “as my own”, being part of the staff and personally matter of honor for me is a work result best possible; above all, I love what I do!
  • You have a familiar, reliable Office Manager in use, for example, once a week at your business office. Outsourcing back-office functions, you are able to concentrate in your core competence and consequently improve your company’s productivity and profit.

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Business Communication

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