I´m a Finnish woman, born into entrepreneur family in South Ostrobothnia; I came to learn strong work moral and ethics already in my childhood and also value all kinds of occupations and physical labour, as well.

As a person, I am a positive optimist, hard-working, entrepreneurial, energetic and I have strong sense of moral obligation.
I am also thoughtful and compassionate; always willing to help.
According to MBTI, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ESFJ personality, The “Consul”.

My dear son was born in -96 and I staid on nursing leave with him for 3 years and after that precious time I started my business degree studies. 

I have several hobbies, such as studying / self-learning, meditation, gym, out-door exercises, music, cultural events, writing and reading. 

My professional values are:
unconditional work moral, 100% data privacy and confidentiality and authentic service attitude with positive, respectful manner.