"A highly motivated, proficient, multi-skilled OA and Office Manager with authentic service attitude and a proven track record of handling and managing vast range of tasks across office administration, assistant work, HR and finance and ability to solve multi-variable problems using common sense, analytical reasoning and intuition”.

Within the last 16 years I've gathered versatile admin, secretarial, project management, HR, and finance work experience among business fields of law, medical, insurance, ICT and service.

I am specialized in Data Privacy and handling confidential, sensitive material and my primary work principal and method is 100% data privacy and confidentiality; this signifies confidential working attitude and methods, secured encrypted emails, hosting service provider is Finnish and their servers are located in Finland.

Matter of honor for me is a work result best possible.

At my previous salaried positions:

ICT field in a foreign international, global company, I worked for years as an Office Manager locally for Finland and Sweden offices, independently managing and providing full service on admin, office management, assistant work [including travel arrangements], HR and finance in cooperation with global teams. Work environment was international and official work language was English.
As being the only admin employee for Finland and Sweden offices, my closest daily contacts/colleagues were e.g. in Germany, England, Holland, France, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, China and USA.

Medical field in HUCH (Helsinki University Central Hospital) among medical research, I worked as a Committee Secretary managing Ethic
Committee´s daily admin tasks, office, local + international support for scientists on research issues and monthly meeting work cooperation with the Chairman of the Committee. There were strict confidentiality practices in use in handling and processing research material. 



Payroll admin, supervisory work, work community & labor law application, occupational work safety/-health, work wellbeing, leadership and management measurement & tools, labor law & TES. (30 crs).

Tampere University, Finland.

Sep 2021 - Jun 2024


(Verified Certification)

Project resource management: factors, division of work, schedule and finance. Course provided full knowledge of project management basics, tools and best practices.

AEE, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. Finland.

May 2020


(on marketing & customer service)

Final Thesis: “The Quality Image Of Customer Service“.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Malmi Campus, Finland.

Aug 2000 – Dec 2002


HR/HRM policies and local regulation practices, end-to-end support knowledge in employee life-cycle, HRM/corporate management/employee support knowledge in HR issues/matters.

Institute of Marketing, Finland.

March 2012 – Nov 2012


High School of Espoonlahti, Finland.

May 1990 – Jun 1993



Finnish:   Mother tongue

English:   Fluent written / oral

Swedish: Fluent written / average oral

Spanish/Italian:  Basics


MO 365; Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, Delve, Planner, Teams, Yammer, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access. Adobe Reader, Lotus Notes, Linux, Novell Group Wise, Visma Netvisor, Dynasty, BasWare, Maconomy, Procountor, Skype, Glance, Oberon, Miranda, Elevation, Qube, HR Synergy Exact, Mepco HRM, Sympa HR, AirGo, WordPress-, Phlox Platform, Visma Severa, Talenom, Maventa, Nepton One headuser certifcate.


Jul-Aug 2019  ISO 9001/9004 Quality management systems

Dec 2018  (3 days) Excel basics online-course

Oct 2017  (2 days)  Nordic Business Forum (NBF)

Oct 2017  (1 day)  UN Wider Annual Lecture and Panel – Sustainable Development Goals

May 2014  (1 day)  Work Well-Being Seminar/Tulevaisuuden Työ Tehdään Nyt

Nov 2013  (1 day)  Employment Law Life cycle: View from the Nordics Seminar/B&B

Nov 2013  (1 day)  Data Privacy in Work life Seminar/Bird&Bird 

Mar 2013  (1 day)  Work Well-Being Seminar/"Työhyvinvoinnin Starttipäivä"

Feb 2012  (1 day)  Work Well-Being Seminar/Ilmarinen

Jun 2012  (2 days)  Completed First – Aid Course  (Finnmedica/Finnish Red Cross) 

Nov 2011  (3 days)  Accountant´s conventional intensive - course/The Association of Finnish Accounting Firms

Feb 2010  (1 day)  The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim/”Infektioiden torjunnan perusteet terveydenhuollossa” – web course

Aug 2009  (1 day)  Helsinki University Seminar: Comparative Welfare States and their Gender Justice Projects: Egypt, Yemen, Finland

May 2008  (1 day)  National Conference for the Ethics Committees in Finland

Oct 2007   (2 days)  “Ethics in Clinical Trials” conference of Czech Forum of Ethics Committees (in Praque/Czech Republic)

Sept 2007 (1 day)  “Comforting Death – Delimiting of Treatment and DNR”/Medical Ethics Day/WMA 18.9.2007

Sept 2007 (1 day)  “Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) - Decision: ethical and legal questions”  (Biomedicum/ Helsinki, Finland)

Jun  2007  (2 days)  “To serve and Protect” joint conference of AREC (in Edinburgh)

Apr 2007   (2 days)  Business to Business Mediat Oy/“Kevään suuri koulutustapahtuma, Hotelli Linna”

Sept 2006  (2 days) NEC Forum conference (The forum of National Ethics Councils)

May 2006  (2 days) The Pharmaceutical Learning Centre/Clinical Medicine Trials