There are basic hourly rate for shorter assignments + for assignments, which work tasks and -load cannot be predicted in advance and
a set of deliverables called Packages for assignments, which work tasks and -load are predictable.

These packages will be customized based on client´s demand and at each case, package have a detailed task list, a specific deadline
[on work that is done completely online] and fixed price.

Hourly rate/one-time  assignments include hourly work-reports, as well.

In addition to above, travelling expenses are added according to actual driving time, in case an assignment includes travelling e.g. to company office and travelling time is charged as normal working time.

I work either online or at client´s business office and for safety reasons excluding possible third party construction sites and other work sites.

Package #1 ~
Admin, Office Management, Assistant work, Business Communication, Some.

Package #2 ~ HR.

Package #3 ~ Finance.

Package #4 ~ Mix of above mentioned service variety.


Privacy Policy


As a reference to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as a Contractor, depending on assignment, I may act as a Processor for personal data in relation to my Client, therefore actual Controller (register keeper) is the Client itself. I, as a Processor, operate according to the Controller´s instructions and I process personal data according to what has been separately agreed and signed in each Assignment Contract with the Client. Along with each assignment contract, there is also separately included a GDPR Annex.